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Freqently Asked Questions
  A) Are all Process Servers bound by the fee structure set in Michigan Statutes?  
  Yes – some may tell you that these statutory fees only apply to appointed Court Officers but that is not true. They apply to anyone authorized to serve process in the State of Michigan.  
  B) Why do some Process Servers charge for each attempt?  
  Some Process Servers charge attempt charges on each attempt to serve a defendant. This is illegal in Michigan. If your Process Server does this, he may be charged with a misdemeanor. There is no allowance for an attempt fee in the Michigan Statutes.  
  C) How do I know when my paper has been served?  
  Sutherland Legal Services offers a free service that will automatically send you an email as soon as a case has been served. It will include the date, time, service fee and any other notes regarding service. We also offer a free service that allows you to login to our website and access our online status page for real time updates on your cases. All relevant documents associated with each case are also retained and available for your convenience. Please note that this service is only available after you've had 15 cases with our office.  
  D) Why should I use a Certified Process Server of Court Officer?  
  An MCODSA Certified Process Server of Court Officer has demonstrated that the recipient has passed an extremely difficult written exam on the laws and procedures necessary to serve process in the State of Michigan. They are also required to obtain a minimum of eight hours of continuing education per year.  
  E) Does it cost more to utilize the services of a Certified Process Server of Court Officer?  
  Absolutely not!
  F) What should I expect to pay for the service of a Summons, etc?
  Click Here for a listing of the current statutory fees.
  G) What happens if the defendant contests the service?
  It is extremely rare that any cases served by our firm are ever contested. All of our servers document detailed descriptions of the defendant upon effecting service. It is difficult for the defendant to dispute service when his/her description is documented on the proof of service. In the event testimony is required, we will provide it at no cost.
  H) What types of documents do we serve?
  We will serve any document that you want personally served to someone, regardless whether it is issued from a Court or not.
  I) What areas do we provide service for?
  We provide service in all of Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Genesee, Washtenaw, Lapeer & Monroe Counties. We have qualified colleagues in most other counties in the state and will gladly refer you to them.  
  J) Is there an additional charge for evening or weekend attempts?
  Absolutely not!  
  K) Is there a charge to file documents with the Court?  
  Normally there is not a charge for court filings. The exception may be same day filings which we would discuss with you as needed.  
  L) Are flat rate service fees legal?
  Absolutely not! All authorized Process Servers in the State of Michigan are bound by Statute which regulates fees.
  M) Are we licensed, bonded and insured?
  Yes we are!  
N) Are we able to issue witness fees in advance?
  Yes, we will gladly advance witness fees for our established clients.
  O) Where can I find the Michigan Statutes that regulate Process Server fees?  

Statutes relating to the fees for service of process can be found by clicking here and here.

  P) How long does it take to serve my papers?
  It is impossible to predict how long a service will take as we do not know how difficult the defendant(s) will be to serve. However, be assured that all documents forwarded to our office will be attempted within 24 hours of receipt.  
  Q) What happens if the defendant is evasive and avoids being personally served?  
  With most documents filed in Michigan Courts, we are able to file an affidavit with the Court indicating the attempts we made and what happened on each attempt. The Court will issue an Order For Alternate Service, allowing us to perfect service by attaching the documents to the defendants door.  
  R) What are the benefits of using a Professional Process Server?  
  You can be assured that your document will be properly served and we will be in communication with you until the job is complete. When it has been served, we will stand behind the service avoiding any complications for you. Most of the local Courts are familiar with us and our integrity and professionalism, resulting in fewer complications in you obtaining a judgement.
  S) What are our professional affiliations?  
  We are current members of NAPPS and MCODSA, serving on the Board of Directors of MCODSA for 16 years – 7 years as Secretary Treasurer and currently serving as President.
  T) Do we have any career opportunities available?
  We are a growing company in the service of process industry and are always looking for Process Servers who are experienced, self motivated and have the highest integrity. If you are interested in serving process, and meet these requirements, please contact us by clicking HERE and we will contact you when a position becomes available.
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